MetInc is an AI powered sales and digital marketing firm venturing into block chain marketing technologies. We offer calibrated growth for B2B companies using data analytics and media consulting services by embedding digital content to the sales engine.

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Lead Generation

Unleash the power of targeted leads
The lead profiles enable the way for a successful lead generation campaign for businesses.

Lead Profiling consists of

  1. Industry
  2. Company Size
  3. Revenue
  4. Budget
  5. Geographical regions
  6. Technological advancements
  7. Customers base

Lead generation, at MetInc, consists of three major categories that enable businesses to progress towards greater sales.

Content Syndication

Using the appropriate collaterals, target audience can be tapped easily converting them into warm prospects. MetInc’s Content Syndication services are overlapped in the lead generation process producing a higher ROI for companies.

Market Qualified leads are leads that have been approached via collaterals sent via emails. These leads have shown interest in the services offered and are willing to take a look at newer agencies or companies and their offerings in the market.

Sales Qualified leads are leads that have shown a requirement for a broad range of services. These leads have undergone process of data mining, account identification and then have been called. Telephonic agents confirm their requirements and business model before processing them to the clients.

A high quality lead is a lead that has been approached via email and calls, and has expressed his requirements. Provisions are made to assess via calls if the requirement is immediate or for a future date, and the company has the necessary budget and the authority to make purchase decisions. High quality leads thus follow similar protocols of BANT leads in the market.

MetInc’s business engine drives the function of data mining, account identification and thus successful lead generation for companies. The whole process is done by a team of experienced business development personnel who have worked relentlessly in building ground before approaching leads so as to not burn down the market.

Data confidentiality is maintained at every stage of the lead generation process and data over lapping is avoided and frowned upon internally.

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About Our Company

Metinc is designed to engineer seamless enterprise sales and marketing support to companies. Our primary domain is account based marketing along with digital marketing and a breakthrough technology of Block chain in marketing.
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