MetInc is an AI powered sales and digital marketing firm venturing into block chain marketing technologies. We offer calibrated growth for B2B companies using data analytics and media consulting services by embedding digital content to the sales engine.

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Collaborative Sales and Marketing encapsulated with AI based Business Consulting

Metinc is designed to engineer seamless enterprise sales and marketing support to companies. Our primary domain is account based marketing along with digital marketing and a breakthrough technology of Block chain in marketing.


To provide the best in class sales & marketing support to business entities


Provide simplicity & innovation in Enterprise Level Marketing Support for businesses across the globe.
CEO & Founder
Collaborative Sales and Marketing encapsulated with AI based Business Consulting

Manisha Shinde –  Woman on Top

Humble beginnings often lead to unprecedented growth. With more than 12 years of experience in the B2B industry, Manisha Shinde brings her entire catalogue of experience to the table. Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Account based Marketing has been her forte. Her knowledge inbred with her craft gives Metinc an edge over the others as her intuitive science backed with winning practices flow through the everyday workings of the organization.

A certified block chain professional, Manisha has launched the first Indian Block chain Marketing Company.

Manisha has a passion for affordable and quality healthcare for all and is willing to contribute by her expertise to that mission with the help of US based non-profit organizations.

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