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Account Profiling

Account profiling is a complex process of identifying the key decision makers in an organization. Almost all enterprises have more than two key decision makers that decide on purchase of a new software or hardware. Since these decisions have a long term effect, a lot of time is spent on the need, the value it brings to the table, the price and the urgencies.

Account Intelligence at Play

  1. Selection of Accounts
  2. Identify Key Decision Makers
  3. Account Insights
  4. Create account-relevant collaterals
  5. Maintain account-specific interactions
  6. Create Cadence Strategy for account-focused plays
  7. Review account progress

Tapping these potential accounts is very close to walking in a gold mine. A good account is likely to stay in your organization’s client list for years to come if properly entertained at every level with a great product and service portfolio.

AI Powered Analytics

Account profiling teams spend months analysing organization matrix to find the key strategic decision makers for every layer of the organization. This AI powered intelligence is backed with records and historical data is matched.

To find a handful of accounts in your product or service belt will be beneficial in tapping similar accounts across geographies.

AI powered Analytics helps in generating the key accounts to tap within your market.

Account profiling requires experience personnel who have spent years in the B2B industry catering to clients, understanding niches relevant to technological advancements.

Account profiling works by analyzing buying trends, previous purchases and industries long standing partnerships.

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