MetInc is an AI powered sales and digital marketing firm venturing into block chain marketing technologies. We offer calibrated growth for B2B companies using data analytics and media consulting services by embedding digital content to the sales engine.

Account Based Marketing

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Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing provides better ROI because it maps the marketing and sales initiatives. Most companies are using centric ABM policies. At Metinc we define the landscape before we venture out to tap the market.

The Company

We then analyse the company’s financial health its growth Areas vs cash cows and the risk of renewal with a swot analysis. We also take a deep dive into company initiatives, their newly launched verticals. Every organisation has changing priorities every quarter, these works as enabled triggers for decision makers.

Targeting the ideal customer profile enables the stream to connect and engage with the audience. Mapping out the Target Customer Profiles within a Company for a holistic ABM process

The Market

The markets is analyzed by industry dynamics, key trends, its primary and secondary competitors, the segments growth drivers and inhibitors.


Identify the key decision makers of a company & their relationships with each other and preferences


Activate the campaigns with chartered benchmarks for progress,


Engage with calibrated collaterals for each layer of engagement


Analyse and measure the progress with each account.

The buying Centres

For account based marketing to be successful it’s important to understand the organisation chart of a company along with its key buying centres and the whitespace between buying centres.

Relationship & Connections

The relationships are the final layer while establishing account based marketing. The key decision makers and their relationship with each other within the company. Their hierarchy along with their relationship with your company. And their attitudes, preferences and bias towards vendors overall. It is important to chart out the layers in account based marketing so that deep long term insights can be developed while reaching out to them individually.

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