MetInc is an AI powered sales and digital marketing firm venturing into block chain marketing technologies. We offer calibrated growth for B2B companies using data analytics and media consulting services by embedding digital content to the sales engine.

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Blockchain technology is marketing is breaking barriers with disruptive growth. Blockchain technology innovation in advertising and marketing space making it better, cheaper, faster, trustworthy, and superior to traditional marketing methods.

MetInc houses Blockchain certified individuals that conceptionalise, create a blockchain marketing plan for companies willing to explore this arena.

Though blockchain is relatively new, blockchain marketing is breaking barriers in marketing.

When the platform is Free, You are the Product!

Consumer’s data is widely used by major companies, mostly without their consent. Today consumers want to know where their data is being used before advertising is pushed on to their screens for searching for something.

The global consumer is evolving. For decades now, the internet has ruled the space with advertisers using and manipulating data.

A Blockchain in marketing decentralizes data, ensures immutability, and offers transparency to everyone.

For example; a consumer can choose if he wishes to give attention to certain information. And receive remuneration for his time and attention spent on watching an advertisement.

Another example of blockchain technology used by a food company is where they share data relevant to farm produce, farmers being paid fairly and the entire distributor network, to assure their consumers that they have used fair practices to produce the food.

Metinc can design end to end marketing campaigns for companies willing to adopt this route.

The future generation buyers are conscious of their purchase choices. To enable a dialogue with the next generation, blockchain technology is making waves in marketing.

Companies are now choosing to mold their marketing practices to appeal to the new age audiences, and the blockchain is making it a possibility.

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