MetInc is an AI powered sales and digital marketing firm venturing into block chain marketing technologies. We offer calibrated growth for B2B companies using data analytics and media consulting services by embedding digital content to the sales engine.


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Companies need to market their products and services in the right sector. The target audience is always on the lookout for vendors providing better alternatives to their current suppliers.

Account Based Marketing
Account based marketing takes into account all the key decision makers involved in acquisition. An integrated sales and marketing approach to reach out to all decision makers promises a better ROI.
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Account Profiling
Account profiling requires experience personnel who have spent years in the B2B industry catering to clients, understanding niches relevant to technological advancements. Account profiling is a complex process.
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Appointment Setting
The process of Appointment setting is the end goal for an organization’s sales goals. An appointment with a genuine prospects who is interested in your products and services, has an immediate requirement.
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Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing has evolved in the past few years. Data centric has changed to customer centric, utility is backed with unmatched user experience. Smoother operations and an adaptive audience.
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Email Marketing
Email Marketing has the power of changing a prospect to an ideal customer with the appropriate email campaigns. Nurturing the profile as an individual using AI powered data metrics.
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Block chain Marketing
Block chain technology is marketing is breaking barriers with disruptive growth. Block chain technology innovation in advertising and marketing space making it better, cheaper, faster, trustworthy and superior
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